PHP Link Collection

Official Sites

    The official site. Unfortunately it often will be forgotten by the people but there exists a really good documentation about PHP (even it is not always completely).
    A whole class system in PHP for recommended processes.
    Project page for PHP modules.
    PHP with GUI (GTK).
    Website of the PHP Quality Assurance Team.
    Bug reporting for PHP.
    A very powerful template engine to separate PHP and HTML. Not every time it make sense to use this cos it is very copious and need some effort to learn it.


Testing Tools

  • PHPUnit
    PHPUnit is a framework to automate the testing of PHP applications which are specially designed for single Units (often classes or methodes). It belongs to the xUnit group. The actual version is published under the BSD license.

  • SQL Map A SQL injection Tool
    A Tool to check if SQL injections are possible.





Other imported Informations

Selected Applications

Other useful Things

  • MySQL documentation
    MySQL often will be used together with PHP applications that is why I liked the official documentation as well.


  • The links under “Articles” in these link collection you can understand as an instruction to a special topic of PHP and them are not the optimum of the correspondent field.
  • I would like to receive suggestions for other good PHP website but please take care that these are really offer added value, and not are half-finished/dangerous works or insecure/not intuitive applications.